Malaysia Quantum Information Initiative

About Us

We are a coalition of quantum information researchers from various universities in Malaysia. This is our initiative to develop and support the quantum ecosystem in Malaysia.

What is Quantum Information?

Quantum information is a field of study that stores information in qubits and manipulates them using methods such as superpositions and entanglement—both of which are unavailable in classical computing.  

These qubits are the quantum version of the classical bits of 0s and 1s, and their quantum properties allows us to develop new algorithms to solve certain types of problems are difficult even for supercomputers and new techniques for communication that are more secure than those currently used in classical cybersecurity.

Would you like to learn more about quantum computers or any specific topics such as quantum cryptography or quantum algorithms?

Please contact us and we can arrange for a talk or even a workshop.

What do we do?

We educate and promote awareness about quantum information science and technology among the general public, as well as for the industry and government.

This coalition provides a platform for Quantum Information researchers in Malaysia to consolidate our efforts towards our common objectives -- to develop the quantum information science and technology, both at the national and international levels.

Malaysia Quantum Ecosystem

Our Thrust Areas

Quantum Information Researchers in Malaysia are divided into following thrust areas:

We have published a bulletin in Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) bulletin to help share some historical background, current works and our way forward with regards to Quantum Information Science in Malaysia. Please click on the title below to read our bulletin.

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